Posted by: marksy | March 24, 2008

Bell Canada

Well here again I sit and write about a multi-billion dollar corporation screwing its’ customers any way and every way it can.  This time it is the god of phones, Bell Canada.

After my move in early December 2007 I left Bell;s service for Phone and Internet to go with Rogers……yes I know from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Anyway, Bell’s Internet Service sucked, so I took it along with my phone to Rogers (the phone went because I could not pass up 6 free months).  The only reason I did not leave Bell for television was the fact that I have purchased over the last short while close to $1000 in equipment for High Definition TV.

I called Bell anyway, and told them that I was considering leaving.  When they heard that, they pretty much fell over themselves to keep me a customer.  It’s funny how places like this will do nothing for you until you threaten to, or really do leave. 

***Sidenote: since leaving for Rogers with my phone and Internet, Bell has called me three times!

In any case, they (Bell) offered me 2 months completely free TV, 6 months at 30% off, and the kicker….. A new High Definition PVR (Personal Video Recorder) for one year, FREE!   Needless to say, I stayed and this is where the fun began.

First, although Bell knew where to send my bill (because I got one at my new address they sent the installer to my old address.  It was explained that the departments don’t always talk to one another (go figure)!  So the refundable $100 installation charge went onto my account twice (because of their mistake), and only came off once.  I hd to fight this for a few calls, and on March it was dealt with.

Second, getting my two free months of TV has been like trying to walk on water!  Countless calls in January, February and yes indeed March I think I am finally going to get 2 free months.

Third, I noticed in January, and again in February that I was suddenly getting charged $20 a month for the PVR; remember the free PVR for one year?  So a few calls in January and again in February I thought I had this cleared up.  In March, they cleared the two months of charges to my bill (from January and February), but again charged me $20 for the rental.  This then led me to what probably amounted to my 15th – 20th phone call in the last 2-3 months.  As at March 24 / 2008 I m being told that my account is cleared up.  We shall see…….

In the interest of Customer Service………..BAD!



  1. I too do sit and write about Bell the multi-billion dollar corporation screwing its’ customers any way and every way it can

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